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Detail of the Grey MK3 ring
Detail of the Grey MK3 ring
A person wearing the MK3 Ring on their ring finger while sitting on a black leather sofa
Project of the MK3 ring with a hand that draws, pencil, eraser and sharpener
Gift box with a Certificate of Authenticity and a drawstring pouch made of organic cotton
MK3 ring sizes guide


Urban Olive Design
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Urban. Minimalist. Original. Wear it as concrete proof of your style.

Inspired by the MK3 building in Berlin, the MK3 ASYMMETRIC RING is designed with comfort in mind.

Multifaceted and asymmetrical, each side of the ring is different, so you can adjust your look based on your mood, your unique taste, or your outfit. One ring, four different options.

So light, you’ll forget you put it on. So versatile, you’ll never want to take it off.

The MK3 ASYMMETRIC RING will be shipped in its own gift box with a Certificate of Authenticity and a complimentary drawstring pouch made of organic cotton – the perfect companion for travelling with or storing your wearable sculpture.

We strive to make our packaging material as sustainable as possible. Our packaging is designed to minimise waste, and its components are reusable or recyclable.

Each piece is unique. The artistic look of the creation is achieved through a particular hand-crafting process. Any imperfections are to be considered a feature, not a flaw.


  • Designed in Berlin, Germany
  • Handmade and original
  • Strong and water-resistant
  • Lightweight for maximum comfort
  • Unisex
  • Made of cement and organic resin
  • Grey (also available in black)
  • Available in silver in OLTRE collection
  • Care instructions: clean with soap and water


  • Small: 16x16 mm (internal measurement) - Weight: 2.4 gr
  • Medium: 17x17 mm (internal measurement) -  Weight: 2.6 gr
  • Large: 18x18 mm (internal measurement) - Weight: 2.7 g
  • Extra Large: 19x19 mm (internal measurement) - Weight: 2.8 gr 

Pro Tip:

To insert and remove a squared ring effortlessly, remember that the diagonal diameter will be longer than the length of the sides. So, when putting on the ring, turn it slightly on your finger so you can benefit from additional diameter width and slide it on effortlessly over the knuckle. When the ring is in place, you can then turn it a few times to find the best-fitted position and your favourite face.

When testing the ring for size, make sure to find one which you can both glide on easily and then also turn to set in a comfortable, snuggly fitted position – this will help you avoid choosing one which is too big.

If you have questions about this artwork or feel unsure about finding the right size for you, please email us at